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Master of Science (MS)



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Steve Shively


Steve Shively


Lynne McNeill


Randy Williams


My plan B thesis argues that Intermountain School in Brigham City, Utah was a progressive development, especially when placed within the context of other Native American boarding schools. I argue my point by conducting a close examination and analysis of several murals painted by prominent indigenous artist Allan Houser and students at the school as well as several other forms of art from Intermountain. In the first chapter of my thesis, I present evidence that demonstrates how damaging Native Boarding schools were for generations of students. I then present evidence which showcases how certain changes paved the way for Intermountain to stand as a more progressive development. In the second chapter, I present evidence that features how the art curriculum at Intermountain led to murals that represent a knowledge of culture and stand as a direct contrast to the ideologies of 19th century boarding schools. I break up the analysis into two segments: murals and significance to Intermountain. The evidence I provide showcases how Intermountain was a progressive development that helped students acknowledge and showcase their cultural heritage on several platforms.