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Master of Mathematics (MMath)


Mathematics and Statistics

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Kady Schneiter


Kady Schneiter


The purpose of this project is to provide an introduction to how technology can be used in the mathematical classroom to enhance students' learning of mathematics, while at the same time leading students to a richer and deeper understanding of those mathematical concepts. The topics were selected based on their relevance to the Utah State Core Curriculum for middle and secondary mathematics courses. It was intended that each lesson plan would challenge a preservice mathematics educator to build relationships between different areas of mathematics and/or to create deeper understandings of specific mathematical concepts. At the same time many of the lesson plans can be used at the high school level to teach mathematical ideas. The ideas arc not too complex for the secondary level, but their extensions that will hopefully inspire a preservice mathematics teacher to search for deeper understandings. It is hoped that these lessons will promote a desire in the students who work out the activities to create their own lesson plans, plans which relate activities, mathematical topics and technologies together for deeper understanding.