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Master of Science (MS)


Mathematics and Statistics


I began this study wanting to know more about the Math 1050 Common Final. I've heard so many negative things about the class from students, I wondered if the common final, which has so much influence on students' grades, is actually valid. A measurement is valid to the degree that it is both reliable and relevant, so I needed to address both relevance and reliability. To do this, I began by finding a reliability coefficient for the multiple choice section. I then analyzed each item with respect to difficulty, discrimination and efficiency. To determine content and learning level relevance, I used the Measurement Analysis Coding Form.

To begin, I collected the final exams from one Spring 2007 Math 1050 section. The final consists of 20 Multiple Choice items worth 7 pts each and 5 free response items worth 12 pts each. I then recorded the scores of each multiple choice question and, using these scores, I calculated a reliability coefficient. When doing this, I calculated me as 1 pt each so as not to artificially inflate the variance.

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Mathematics Commons