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Master of Science (MS)


Mathematics and Statistics

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Kathryn Turner


Kathryn Turner


Several methods have been developed to solve multiobjective optimization problems (MOP's). One of these, Normal Boundary Intersection (NBI), is a method developed by John Dennis and Indraneel Das. NBI is used at The Boeing Company as a tool to solve MOP's. This report presents a test suite of MOP's that I developed for Boeing during me internship in summer 2003.

The problems in the test suite were chosen to represent the different types of multiobjective optimization problems that could arise in practice and the complexities involved in solving them. These problems range from those that have nice convex Pareto surfaces to those that have complex disconnected Pareto surfaces. We study whether or not NBI can solve these problems, and the difficulties that arise. The suite also includes real world examples, in particular a truss design problem.

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