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Lawrence Culver


In June 2006, in a plan to mitigate illicit border crossings, President George W. Bush called the National Guard to the border to build a fence. Almost ninety years to the day earlier, President Woodrow Wilson mobilized the National Guard to the border to protect it from raiders and smugglers who were part of the Mexican Revolution. Most Utahns are aware that the Utah National Guard spent time on the border to construct the fence. However, most do not know that the Utah National Guard served on the border as part of President Wilson’s mobilization. In 1916, a civil war that began as a fight for the Mexican presidency, and turned into a revolution in Mexico, pulled the US military into Mexico and the National Guard to the border. The Utah National Guard found itself hundreds of miles from home protecting the border from bandits, raids, and the smuggling of arms into Mexico.


This work made publicly available electronically on June 4, 2012.

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