Date of Award


Degree Type

Creative Project

Degree Name

Master of Second Language Teaching (MSLT)


Languages, Philosophy and Communication Studies

Committee Chair(s)

Karin deJonge-Kannan


Karin deJonge-Kannan


María Luisa Spicer-Escalante


Sonia Manuel-Dupont


This portfolio is a compilation of the author’s beliefs about teaching and learning in the Spanish language classroom. It centers around the teaching philosophy statement emphasizing the author’s beliefs regarding the role of the teacher, the role of the students, and expectations in the second language classroom.

Three research papers are included to support the teaching philosophy statement. The first paper highlight the importance of teaching communicatively in the foreign language classroom with a co-teacher. The second paper explains dual language immersion and its importance in Utah education. The last paper focuses on the teaching of pragmatics in the foreign language.

Following the research perspectives, three annotated bibliographies highlight key sources the author read to learn about the major topics discussed in this Portfolio.