Date of Award


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Creative Project

Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Art and Design

Committee Chair(s)

John Neely


John Neely


Marissa Vigneault


Kathy Puzey


Dan Murphy


WONDER is an exploration of the point at which what we know and what we think we know begins to break down. I melt and erode the perfect patterns I worked hard to construct through the manipulation of kiln atmosphere, using excess carbon, wood, and soda ash. I then add ephemeral, delicate imagery of animals in china paint. These steps introduce elements of the unknown and unpredictable onto intimate objects at the core of domestic human life. By disrupting organized patterns and reintroducing the animals we share the world with, I explore the question: What is lost when we surround ourselves with objects and systems of knowledge that reflect only the human mind? The word “wonder” implies attentiveness, appreciation, and curiosity, qualities that greatly enrich my own life and my experiences in both nature and the studio. Ultimately, my work is about bringing back some of that wonder that seems to be absent from much of human existence in the modern world.

Additional Files

P2230250.JPG (4763 kB)
Night's Edge Teapot

P2230269.JPG (4398 kB)
Triplet Pattern Steins

P2230325.JPG (5480 kB)
Pedestal Cups

P2230354.JPG (4910 kB)
Detail from "Overstory"

P2280373.JPG (5559 kB)
Prowler Mug

P2280388.JPG (5001 kB)
Owl Teapot

P4140469.JPG (4346 kB)
Lynx Yunomi

P4140486.JPG (5561 kB)
Utah Milksnake Box

P4140497.JPG (4304 kB)
Lynx Bowl

P4140506.JPG (4981 kB)
Nuthatch Tumbler

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Ceramic Arts Commons