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Creative Project

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Master of Second Language Teaching (MSLT)


World Languages and Cultures

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Maria Luisa Spicer-Escalante


Maria Luisa Spicer-Escalante


Karin de Jonge-Kannan


Joshua Thoms


In this portfolio, the author examines what she considers to be good language teaching. The centerpiece of the portfolio is the teaching philosophy which discusses what the author believes constitutes effective language teaching such as using different teaching methods (such as task-based instruction), following the TESOL standards and the Standards for Foreign Language Learning (SFLL), and promoting authenticity in the classroom. The artifacts are papers I wrote for the MSLT program which support the author’s teaching philosophy. The culture artifact emphasizes pragmatic transfer from the first language to English. The literacy artifact examines different methods of improving vocabulary acquisition. The language artifact discusses my reflections on issues faced when teaching adult ESL students. In addition to the artifacts, the author includes a reflection of her teaching based on a video recording of her teaching a Spanish 1010 class. Finally, in the annotated bibliography, she highlights the articles and books which were most influential for her in developing her teaching philosophy and artifacts.


This work made publicly available electronically on June 4, 2012.

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