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Seth Archer


Seth Archer


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This website is for teachers to gain information and sources about Utah history during the early territorial period, specifically relating to conflicts between Mormon settlers, Native Americans, and federal officials. The content and site were designed with the C3 curriculum in mind, as such, at the bottom of this page you can find a downloadable Inquiry Design Model Blueprint. As you teach students this information, the compelling question to have students focus on is: “Does culture and the interaction of cultures shape the development of place?” Each event highlighted on this website is related to the other and demonstrates how the different cultures of Mormons, Native Americans, and non-Mormon federal officials interacted and shaped the development of Utah. From left to right, the tabs on the top of the page move through major episodes in this history chronologically. Hover on each tab to reveal more tabs with additional information on each conflict. Each conflict also has a tab for additional lesson ideas and resources specific to that event. The Inquiry Design Model Blueprint’s supporting questions and tasks are meant to build upon one another, so when students reach the end of the unit they should have an almost completed essay that demonstrates how and if cultures and their interaction shaped the development of the Utah territory. The extension activity takes the development of place further by examining how the memory of the Bear River Massacre has changed as the area has changed. To wrap up the unit by taking informed action, if possible, have students visit different memorials and monuments around Utah dedicated to this time period. At each site, students should analyze and evaluate if the monuments truly tell the multicultural history of Utah.

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