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Creative Project

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Master of Science (MS)



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Michael Sowder


Michael Sowder


Shanan Ballam


Christopher Gonzalez


This author’s introduction is an analysis of graphic literature and poetry, and the combining of the two to create graphic poetry. Themes are explored of what it means to be a second son in a world permeated by traditional values, regarding the prominence of the first son.

This thesis was split into five sections: Finding My Story—in which the author explains how he came to the main narrative content behind Secondson; Finding My Themes—in which the author discusses the four themes that are included in Secondson and the inspiration received from outside works of poetry; Finding My Genre—in which the author examines how he came to the genre of graphic poetry; Critical Scholarship—in which the author reviews poetry, as well as graphic novels and memoirs, and the scholarship that supports graphic poetry; and The Graphic Images of Secondson—in which the author analyzes the graphic images in his creative work, showing how they blend together to create a unique body of work.

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