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Creative Project

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Master of Arts (MA)



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Victoria Grieve


Victoria Grieve


Rebecca Andersen


Andreas Wesemann


A regularly overlooked but vital element of Cache Valley history is the impact of aviation. Just eight short years after the Wright Brothers achieved manned flight, the first aircraft arrived in Logan to perform for the masses eager to catch a glimpse of this burgeoning technology. From that point on, aviation has been a relevant topic to community leaders and members. This fervor for all things flight-related has been coined “airmindedness.”

To bring the discussion of airmindedness to the forefront, I created a traveling exhibit that could be used throughout the community to shed light on both the vibrant history and the current status of aviation in Cache Valley. My primary desire was to create a space where people could gather and share their own aviation experiences by offering a visual and interactive display on the topic that could evoke memories and foster airmindedness. In addition, with the help of USU Digital Initiatives, I created a supplementary digital exhibit ( where visitors could find more information and view their own contributions.

The process of creating an exhibit and touring it around the local community was a valuable lesson in public history practices. This report is a case study in affordable exhibit designs that can be used for outreach by small museums or other organizations. It is also an evaluation of creating interactive elements that are relevant to visitors, and using digital components to encourage participation and enhance visitor experiences.


A larger image of the entire exhibit can be found in the additional files. For more information and images regarding Cache Valley aviation history, visit the digital companion Cache Valley: An Airminded Community at:

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Cache_Valley_Aviation_Exhibit.JPG (358 kB)
Final Exhibit Layout