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Creative Project

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Art and Design

Committee Chair(s)

Woody Shepherd


Woody Shepherd


Chris Terry


Raymond Veon


"Second Chances"

"Making the most out of whatever Life gives you".

For decades I have been making art out of things that other people have abandoned, discarded, sent to thrift stores or sold in garage sales. Since my youth I have possessed the ability to find value, usefulness and even see beauty in objects that most others would label as trash.

This is both a curse and a blessing. It requires patience and space to save, appreciate and tolerate the chaos accompanying objects that have not yet found their useful place in the world. Most of the art, including my displays are constructed from unwanted underappreciated items. Many of which have been collected long ago, patiently waiting for their second chance.

At this time in history, the Corona 19 pandemic has certainly given us all massive challenges to overcome. With graduate art exhibitions all being canceled, I decided to “Make the most” of the situation and do what I always try to do when something unexpected, even devastating ruins well formed plans. Situations like the one we are currently in change everything, forcing us to act and think in new and different ways.

Rather than feel bad, get angry, sad, disappointed, or even give up, saying "oh well" there's nothing I could have done. Instead, I became grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate the same resourceful resilience that I utilize in the creation of art from unwanted materials.

I located and set up my graduate exhibition in an unused auto body repair space with a large garage door creating what I believe to be the world's first “Drive-In” Art exhibition. Families and groups who have been sequestered together were allowed to drive their vehicles one at a time right into the middle of the exhibition essentially becoming part of it. Once in the space and with face masks in place, attendees could get out and view the actual art. (this in contrast to the “virtual” Art exhibitions that are now becoming the norm.)

The time spent at Utah State creating this work has been a truly rewarding exploration of ideas and new methods. I feel an increased connection to the innovative souls who came before us. People who overcame nearly insurmountable obstacles to tame the wilderness and make the most out of what life gave them.


Because of COVID-19 Pandemic, the final exhibition was presented in a large Auto Body Repair space as a Drive-in Art Experience

Additional Files

IMG_20200422_032907__01 (1).jpg (1755 kB)
Car in Drive-in Art Exhibition

IMG_20200422_032819.jpg (1819 kB)
Car in Drive-in Art Exhibition

IMG_20200422_031356.jpg (1142 kB)
Drive-in Art Exhibition in vacant Auto body shop behind 553 North Main Street. in Logan Utah

IMG_20200422_173725.jpg (397 kB)

IMG_20200424_132213.jpg (793 kB)
Social Distancing

IMG_20200424_135804.jpg (4731 kB)

IMG_20200425_194730 (1).jpg (1625 kB)
Visitors exploring

IMG_20200424_131901.jpg (412 kB)
Up Close

IMG_20200425_171458.jpg (5169 kB)
Engaged Visitor

IMG_20200424_200300.jpg (2410 kB)
Visiting Family Group

IMG_20200429_133444.jpg (6414 kB)
"In the Beginning" 4 panels representing the creation of the earth, the creation of us as individuals and finding our purpose in life

IMG_20200429_133356__01.jpg (2891 kB)
"Eatrh Clock" "Earth" "Life" "Eternity"

IMG_20200422_033827 (1).jpg (485 kB)
"Earth Clock" detail with light made from discarded Chemistry lab equipment

IMG_20200422_033840.jpg (2830 kB)
"Earth" 70" tall 46" wide assemblage of discarded objects perminatly mounted on 8'x8' artificial wood panel

IMG_20200422_033853.jpg (2298 kB)
"Life" 65" tall 44" wide assemblage of discarded objects perminatly mounted on 8'x8' artificial wood panel

IMG_20200422_033753.jpg (2609 kB)
"Eternity" 70" tall 46" wide assemblage of discarded objects perminatly mounted on 8'x8' artificial wood panel

IMG_20200429_133506__01.jpg (3571 kB)
"Second Chance" or "29,800,745 Min" 64"x164 Mixed media painted on drop clothe that slid outr from under my ladder and caused an accident that broke my neck in 7 places and almost took my life

IMG_20200429_133715.jpg (4143 kB)
"Gravity" 76"x25" Acrylic painted with "Y" Pendulum

IMG_20200429_135241__01.jpg (2665 kB)
"Space and Time" 24"x10" Melted pens and markers

IMG_20200429_134621.jpg (4187 kB)
"Forever Family Island" 8'x4' cube made from discarded plywood

IMG_20200429_133627__01.jpg (3517 kB)
"Temple" assemblage made from discarded items. 19"wide x 62" tall (Artist born in 1962)

IMG_20200429_133607__01.jpg (4171 kB)
"Train up a Child" mixed media on panel 62"x 72"

IMG_20200429_133551__01.jpg (3321 kB)
"Family Feeder" Mixed media assemblage

IMG_20200429_133537__01.jpg (2574 kB)
"Family Circle Squared" 12" x 12" prints representing each family member, made from discarded insulation pieces blown from construction sight

IMG_20200429_133814__01.jpg (3468 kB)
"Garden" A variety of random images given as gifts to important people in my life, mostly made from discarded materials like plastic food wrappers

IMG_20200429_135453__01.jpg (3968 kB)
"Roundabout" 12' tall circle, 52 personally meaningful works of art that I have created over the past 39 years

IMG_20200425_194730.jpg (1625 kB)
"Roundabout" Visitors for scale

IMG_20200422_031559.jpg (3594 kB)
"Creative Journey" 8'x 8' mixed media, dimensional found object assemblage painted by gravity with pendulum. (Unfinished)

IMG_20200429_135123__01.jpg (2755 kB)
"Someday over the rainbow" Instillation with ladder, end table, flowers, carved stone heart, soap, plastic trash and film strip projector lens

IMG_20200429_135134__01.jpg (2143 kB)
"Someday over the rainbow" Detail 1

IMG_20200429_135142__01.jpg (2857 kB)
"Someday over the rainbow" Detail 2

IMG_20200429_135142__01.jpg (2857 kB)
"Someday over the rainbow" Detail 3

IMG_20200429_133930__01__01.jpg (3624 kB)
"Stairway to Heaven" 82" tall x 54 wide Mixed media with found objects

IMG_4252-2.jpg (497 kB)
Artist Michael J Bingham April 2020 at Drive-in Art Exhibition during Covid 19 pandemic