Date of Award


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Master of Second Language Teaching (MSLT)


World Languages and Cultures

Committee Chair(s)

Sarah Gordon


Sarah Gordon


Abdulkafi Albirini


Joshua Thoms


This portfolio is a compilation of work that the author wrote during her studies in the Master of Second Language Teaching program at Utah State University. During her time in the program, the author also served as an instructor of Arabic at the university and at a local grade school, as well as serving as a teaching assistant. This work is informed by the author’s personal reflections on these experiences in conjunction with her studies.

The portfolio consists of three sections: (1) teaching perspectives, (2) research perspectives, and (3) an annotated bibliography. The teaching perspectives revolve around the author’s beliefs of surrounding the art of teaching a second language. The research perspectives’ section contains two papers written during her coursework in the MSLT program, while the annotated bibliography reviews literature regarding identity in second language acquisition (SLA).