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Master of Science (MS)


Applied Economics

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Ryan Larsen


Ryan Larsen


Dillon Feuz


Brett Bowman


As in-vitro fertilization (IVF) has become more available and more affordable, it has become one of the top breeding technologies in the beef and dairy industry. Intermountain Embryonics of Twin Falls, Idaho has made it an available technology for producers in Idaho and parts of surrounding states. Intermountain Embryonics has struggled to show potential clients the financial potential IVF has to offer. This study shows the revenues, expenses, and risks involved in IVF. This study looks at the comparison of breeding natural service with a bull, artificial insemination, and in-vitro fertilization. The comparison shows that natural service comes with the least amount of risk while also producing the lowest profit for the producer. Artificial insemination involves a slightly higher degree of risk with more of a profit. Three different IVF scenarios based on expenses associated with the number of donor cows show the most profit as well as the most risk. While all three IVF scenarios show the most risk, they also show producers the opportunity they have to make an impressive profit which artificial insemination does not show in this study.

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