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Master of Science (MS)


Applied Economics

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Ryan Larsen


Ryan Larsen


Dillon Fuez


Brett Bowman


Retaining Ownership is when a producer chooses to obtain ownership of their calves until they have reached a finished weight and are ready to be sent to slaughter. Cow-calf producers generally sell their calves at weaning time or within a few months of weaning. Every operation as their own way of doing things and sometimes change is hard to come by. Obendorf Farms wanted to evaluate, at what point in time would it be best to sell their 2020 calf crop? Four different scenarios were analyzed. The first scenario involved no change from previous years which, is selling their calves in December, a few months after they are weaned. The second scenario is selling their calves 30 days after weaning. The third scenario is retaining ownership of the calves by taking them to a feedlot and putting them on a slow feed program. The last scenario also includes retaining ownership of the calves but push the calves on feed. By doing this analysis owners at Obendorf Farms will be able to see which option gives them the best net income on their 2020 calf crop.

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Agribusiness Commons