Date of Award


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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

Committee Chair(s)

Jianping Zhang


Jianping Zhang


Donald H. Cooley


Daniel W. Watson


Terminal emulation is a personal computer application software which emulates the terminal's behavior to communicate with the mainframe/host computer. It can show the terminal screen on a personal computer screen and make the mainframe/host computer interact with it as it would with a real terminal without any distinction.

Personal computers are increasingly more powerful and efficient today. Their mobility, compatibility, flexibility, and extendibility are definitely superior to the 'dumb' traditional terminals. Terminal emulation is therefore devised to take advantage of these personal computers' redemptions to offset the traditional terminal's drawbacks and inconveniences.

A terminal emulation is actually a very complex system. It needs to take care of terminal data presentation, input device handling, output device manipulation, communication line control and handshaking, system configuration processing, and so forth. A fully functioning terminal emulation further provides users with additional convenient utilities. The purpose of this report is to develop a VT220 terminal emulation system, mainly focusing on the terminal function, in a Windows environment.