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Master of Arts (MA)


Journalism and Communication

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James Derry


James Derry


The purpose of this case study is to figure out the reliance on the four major news agencies (AP, UPI, Reuters, and AFP) for international news reports in Taiwan, and CNA's, Taiwan's only regional news agency, role in supplying international news stories. Taiwan's three large circulation, general purpose newspapers -- United Daily News, China Times, and Central Daily News were selected and analyzed.

The study is based primarily on a content analysis of these three Chinese-language newspapers in terms of their coverage of international happenings and their news coverage.

The findings indicate that the control of international information by the four major news agencies is evident. And CNA does not play a large role in supplying international news. These results are corroborated by the opinions from the six international news editors and directors of international news translators.

The suggestion was made by the author that the CNA could become an objective, perhaps even a strong regional news agency, combined if government support was reduced and if the agency its resources with those of the three major newspapers in Taiwan.

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