Date of Award


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Creative Project

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Master of Science (MS)


Journalism and Communication

Committee Chair(s)

James Derry


James Derry


Scott Chisholm


Nancy Williams


This thesis looks at the history of electronic newspaper delivery systems at several newspapers and provides an in-depth study of how one Utah daily newspaper, the Deseret News in Salt Lake City, developed its own electronic newspaper over a period of years and convinced its board of directors to support it. It outlines the process of defining goals, policies and processes for creating and managing the system. It contains results of a survey conducted of subscribers to the electronic edition, called Crossroads. The survey provides demographic profiles of Crossroads users, shows how often the electronic edition is used in their homes by users in various age groups and for what purposes. The survey results indicate which services of Crossroads are most and least popular among users and allows respondents to recommend changes and improvements in Crossroads. The concluding chapter provides a look ahead at what electronic information systems are currently emerging, particularly the World Wide Web. Indications are that the Web is replacing earlier electronic newspaper editions as a simpler way to receive information. The Deseret News plans to eliminate Crossroads and concentrate its efforts on its Web page. The newspaper has plans to charge a fee for some information it currently makes available on the page.

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