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Master of Science (MS)



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Claudia Schwabe


Claudia Schwabe


Lisa Gabbert


Keri Holt


This thesis is a case study providing a more detailed look into how a local paranormal investigation team forms a community that cultivates social benefits beyond proving the supernatural’s existence. Folklore provides a path to understanding supernatural beliefs and fears, furthering the understanding of paranormal communities and any advantages of being a part of or receiving help from paranormal investigators and investigations. The paranormal or the supernatural defies standard explanation. For example, ghosts and UFOs, at times, are not explained away with traditional scientific theories and hypotheses. Paranormal investigators, also called paranormal researchers, choose to study the paranormal phenomena considered unexplainable, often forming paranormal groups who discuss, investigate, and explore possible explanations of hauntings and other supernatural events.

Paranormal investigators help create and add positive benefits for the paranormal communities they serve and are worthy of further exploration and discussion as investigators provide support, knowledge, advice, resources, contacts, and connections for their clients. I have analyzed how the paranormal investigator group The Other Realm(TOR), located in Cache Valley, Utah, functions as a paranormal folk group that benefits their paranormal community. TORs paranormal community consists of clients and guests of their public ghost hunting events and other nearby paranormal investigation groups. TOR’s goal is to help those who feel they are experiencing a haunting by opening a safe space to share their paranormal beliefs and experiences without fear of ridicule and disbelief. Their focus is on the ghosts or spirits part of the paranormal phenomenon. The paranormal community serves a particular purpose for those who need help with their paranormal experiences and furthering each investigator’s esoteric knowledge.