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Creative Project

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Master of Science (MS)


Natural Resources


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Through experiences on a variety of projects with the Utah Geographic Alliance, it has become increasingly apparent that there needs to be a greater emphasis placed on project-oriented geography education multimedia materials for both teacher and student use. Through direct participation and extensive involvement with UGA projects and activities the importance, value and potential of computer based technology for geography education has become very obvious. Over the past three years USU students and Alliance teachers have been intensely involved with Dr. Cliff B. Craig in spearheading UGA and Department of Geography & Earth Resources efforts in conducting both state and local pre-service and in-service technology workshops. USU students and Alliance teachers have also assisted in teaching university classes and workshops focused on technology integration, and the design, development, production, and testing of CD-ROM multimedia for K-12 classrooms. As a result of these varied experiences, students and teachers have acquired a unique perspective on the importance and development of technology. This unique perspective has been additionally enhanced through direct experience with K-12 educators from all over the state of Utah. These experiences have revealed a multitude of major issues and concerns relative to the usability (or lack thereof) of many commercial products available to teachers and students alike. While there are many excellent commercial products available to both public and private educational institutions, many neither provide adequate functionality, flexible sets of tools nor provide useful project resources that teachers' and students require to make them useful for educational purposes.

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