Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)


Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

Committee Chair(s)

David Evans


David Evans


Keith Christensen


Kelli Munns


The County fairgrounds have been a fixture in Cache Valley, Utah for over 100 years. They provide a valuable resource to the community. Effective planning can ensure the appropriate use of this public asset and prevent underutilization. Modern design guidelines have been developed for other fairgrounds in the Intermountain West, but not the Cache County fairgrounds. This research is focused on developing a contemporary visioning plan to guide the growth and future of the County fairgrounds, create design guidelines for future development, and maximize the fairground’s economic potential. The methodology used to develop this plan involved an extensive review of literature and precedent master plans for fairgrounds in the western United States, a public survey, inventory, analysis, preliminary design development, and final visioning plan production.

This project results in a detailed visioning plan that guides the projects and decision-making of the Cache County fairgrounds over the next 20 years. The findings of this plan illustrate the vital role the next 20 years will play in the future of the fairgrounds in Cache County. Additional findings include various unforeseen results of the public survey issued by fairgrounds leadership and design principles for the fairgrounds. The need to begin the process of land acquisition to a potential new location for the fairgrounds is also discussed.