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Creative Project

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Art and Design

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John Neely


John Neely


Dan Murphy


Kelly Bradbury


Ryoichi Suzuki


Jared Ragland


Todd Hayes


Tea time with the Devil

Tea Time with the Devil began with the hypothesis that I could create a diverse palette of glazes from one local material. I chose to base my experiments on a granite from Devil’s Playground in western Utah. I collected its rocks, hauled them back to USU and crushed them into powder. Each glaze contains at least 50% of the Devil’s granite. This palette resulted from much trial and error — mostly error. Between 2020 and 2023, I ran thousands of glaze tests to formulate and hone these surfaces.

Why this place and material?

The wild landscape of Devil’s Playground captured my imagination and made me want to keep returning. I am truly grateful to this landscape and its rocks. The granite contains a high percentage of silica, as well as some feldspar and mica. Once powdered, it melts into a celadon glaze without adulteration. This was a good starting point: a blank (albeit grey) canvas for experiments.

Why tea wares?

As an Englishman and a walking stereotype, I love tea. Tea brings people together. By sharing tea, we make time to stop, reflect and connect. I am fascinated by the world’s diverse tea traditions and their accompanying ceramic tools. Tea Time with the Devil is inspired by the distinct tea traditions of England, Japan, China, and the American South.


In this report you will find photographs of my show, along with the vinyl text I had up in the gallery as well as the didactic text that was hung throughout the exhibition.

I have also included a short 3 minute video walk through of the show.

If you would like to see fuller documentation then check out my blog. On this I have a 30 minute video where I discuss the exhibition in detail, as well as photos of each piece:

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