Date of Award


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Creative Project

Degree Name

Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)


Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

Committee Chair(s)

Jake Powell


Jake Powell


David Anderson


Erin Rivers


Humans are increasingly urbanizing landscapes, lowering the land’s ability to infiltrate stormwater, increasing surface water runoff. This, combined with decreasing water availability in the Intermountain West, produces the issue of sustainable stormwater management. Professionals are moving toward green stormwater infrastructure (GSI), but public is often not aware of stormwater’s impacts on natural environments or what the purpose of GSI is. Stormwater management design techniques are evolving to use visible, sustainable methods celebrating stormwater, rather than treating the valuable resource as a disposable nuisance, channeling it underground and out of sight. Artful Rainwater Design (ARD), a technique coined by Stuart Echols and Eliza Pennypacker, defines GSI as a community amenity which allows water to infiltrate where it falls and highlights stormwater as a resource. ARD aims to educate the public on the processes of stormwater management and impacts stormwater has on urban water bodies and the local watershed. Through a series of case studies on public universities in the Intermountain West, this study utilizes work done by Echols and Pennypacker, applying their educational objectives to guide the design of educational communication on an existing GSI site on Utah State University’s Logan campus and creation of a design manual guiding integration of education into GSI sites. The outputs will aid campus landscape architects, planners, and facilities members in integrating educational communication into the design of GSI sites on university campuses in the Intermountain West. In addition, the educational communication implemented on USU’s campus will educate the public that visits the GSI site.


The digital design manual for use by campus planners, landscape architects, and facilities staff who would like to integrate education into GSI sites on their campus can be found on page 63 of this document.