Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Dietetics Administration (MDA)


Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences

Committee Chair(s)

Tamara Steinitz


Tamara Steinitz


Janette Kudin


Heidi Wengreen


(1) To research effective methods for creating computer-assisted instruction for development of counseling skills
(2) Incorporate acquired knowledge into nutrition counseling modules for undergraduate dietetic students to provide increased practice working with real life situations

Intervention: Five modules were created for undergraduate students to better develop their nutrition counseling skills. The modules give students a way to practice counseling theories, methods, and techniques while working with virtual patients in a controlled environment. Research was conducted to assist development of the modules both technically and with content.

Implementation: Modules will be implemented into courses at Utah State University and students will complete each module throughout the semester concurrent with a nutrition counseling course.

Application: With only half (53%) of schools across the country having a dedicated nutrition counseling course, (1) there is a need for another way to educate students on the important skills associated with counseling. Schools could implement online modules such as these to assist students in becoming more proficient in counseling. This paper will summarize research available for counseling theories, skills, and development of modules, and then discuss successful models that have been previously developed.


This work made publicly available electronically on September 4, 2012.