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Master of Dietetics Administration (MDA)


Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences

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Janet B. Anderson


Janet B. Anderson


Martha Archuleta


Janette Smith Kudin


Background Public policy fulfillment coupled with skilled nursing facility's desire to increase quality of service to meet changes in residents' expectations and improve marketability warrant a new look at culture change and home like dining as defined by the residents in skilled nursing facilities.

Objective The objectives of this study were to determine residents' home dining practices, define residents' desired dining style practices in the skilled nursing facility and determine the relationship between at home dining and dining preferences in skilled nursing facilities.

Design The quasi-experimental study started with a convenience sample taken from a facility generated potential participant list.

Participants One hundred and four residents in three skilled nursing facilities in the central Texas area who met the cognition criteria and consumed facility-provided food.

Measurements Participants were engaged in a standardized interview using the Resident Dining Style Preferences Survey. The data was then analyzed to determine the degree to which home practices determined skilled nursing facility dining preferences.

Results Participants want hot home cooked meals served in the dining room at the table with everyday plates in a quiet atmosphere seated with friends and neighbors with food served restaurant or table service style. Length of stay and generational group were not statistical indicators of skilled dining style preferences.

Limitations Limitations were two fold: sample size and lack of ethnic diversity.

Conclusions Culture change can not be defined as fine dining or home like dining. Removing dining time restrictions may be the most valuable adaptation for a facility looking to initiate culture change.


This work made publicly available electronically on September 11, 2012.