Date of Award


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Master of Science (MS)



Committee Chair(s)

Steven Shively


Lynne McNeill


Paul Crumbley


Curriculum integration and multi-genre approaches to education are acknowledged to be beneficial to both student learning styles and skill development; however, due to time and budget constraints, many teachers do not implen1ent these approaches. This language arts curriculum utilizes a theme-centered approach that smoothly integrates many subject areas and encourages skill development while adhering to the Utah Common Core Curriculum and incorporating multiple lean1ing styles. The theme of the curriculum is gender role expectations throughout history. While the units primarily rely on primary texts, they also incorporate numerous secondary texts in multiple subject areas and require both formal and informal writing projects on the part of the students. The thesis includes an introduction, syllabus information for the class, a unit overview spanning two trimesters, detailed day-to-day unit plans for two of the six units, a reflection on the design process, an annotated bibliography for further references and appendices that include all unit material for the two detailed units and the Utah Common Core Language Arts Standards.


This work made publicly available electronically on December 19, 2012.