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Kinesiology and Health Science


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The field of sports vision is continuing to grow, with athletes seeing the benefit of incorporating vision drills as part of their training regimen. Dynamic visual acuity (DVA) is a very important aspect of the visual system and is necessary for sport, providing the ability to track a moving object while our head is moving. A recently released product called the Nike Vapor Strobe® Eyewear introduces a stroboscopic effect to vision training. The effect of stroboscopic training on DVA is unexplored territory. Purpose: The main aims of this study were to test the immediate effect of stroboscopic training after one training session, after a two week training program, and two weeks post training. Additionally, we tested the effect of stroboscopic vision training on catching performance. Methods: Sixteen participants were divided evenly into two groups according to baseline DVA scores, recorded using the NeuroCom inVision system. Participants then completed 9 days of vision training with three DVA assessments: immediately after day one of ball training, the day after final ball training, and two weeks after the completion of ball training. Results: The experimental group had statistically significant improvement in test session two from test session one for left DVA, total vertical DVA, downward DVA, and upward DVA, with no change on test sessions three and four. The control group worsened in performance for total DVA, downward DVA, and upward DVA in test two, three, and four. Both groups had statistically significant improvement in ball catching performance. Conclusion: Stroboscopic training increased dynamic visual acuity (after one training session) and ball catching performance (over the course of the training) compared to training without a stroboscopic effect. The Nike Vapor Strobe eyewear is a practical tool for improving catching performance and dynamic visual acuity immediately following training.