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Master of Science (MS)




Jan Roush


The following thesis is based on the role a legend plays in establishing and influencing a sense of identity and reality within a community and area, in this case the legend is of a massacre occurring in Almo, Idaho in the early 1860s. I found this legend of the Almo massacre while looking for an excuse to rock climb in the nearby City of Rocks National Reserve. I explored the Almo legend through interviews, historical documents and books and came to think that the Almo legend played a critical role in defining a sense of local reality for Almo, Idaho, both in the past and present. As time went on and I became more acquainted with the Almo legend and involved with the community, I came to realize the implications of the Almo legend were far more complex than I originally imagined. What follows is a description of both what I found in exploring the Almo legend and what I think it means


This work made publicly available electronically on June 13, 2011