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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

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Donald Cooley


Donald Cooley


Daniel Watson


Curtis Dyreson


iNetTest is a useful tool to help instructors deliver computer-based tests, but when an instructor gives a test, they would often like to know individual question results, e.g.

  • What was the average score for a question, how many got it correct and how many missed it,
  • What was the most common answer chosen (for multiple choice, T/F, etc.),
  • What was the score for a section?
  • What was the average score for a section?
  • etc.

Whenever individuals consider such data they often prefer different or multiple ways in which to analyze the data. For that reason, it was decided not to try to build a “Do everything for everyone” type module. We also considered simply extending the statistics module in iNetTest but felt we would never be able to add all of the capabilities to meet all users’ requests. Thus it was decided to give to an instructor a file that could be loaded into Excel, and they could then generate their own statistics. Generating such a file, so that a user could extract from it, whatever statistics they desired was still a significant challenge. The option added to iNetTest became the “Download Question and Section Results for a Test” option. Ultimately, it will be the instructor’s responsibility to load such a file into a spreadsheet program like Excel and then generate the desired statics, plots, etc.