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Master of Science (MS)


Economics and Finance


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In this study, I compare the performance of U.S. companies that use their own aviation transportation for business purposes (users) and those that use commercial transportation (non-users). I conduct qualitative analysis by interviewing CEOs and CFOs of various companies that are both users and non-users. Interviews of CEO’s and CFO’s coupled with numerical evidence are considered to determine advantages or disadvantages of business aviation. Data from the S&P 500 is used to calculate and provide explanation of how using business aviation affects the firms value, profitability, and asset utilization. Using both CAPM and Fama-French Three Factor model, I assess the expected returns of firms who are users compared to those who are not. Findings suggest that users have a competitive edge relative to non-users. I am able to conclude that business aviation is a tool and asset in assisting firms to run more efficient and maintain better relationships with clients. Firms who utilize business aviation receive many benefits while providing value to shareholders.

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