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Master of Education (MEd)


Special Education and Rehabilitation


I examined the effects of an intervention based on an observational study to treat two children’s problem behaviors, which were associated with transitions. Participants were one 7 year old boy with the educational classification of intellectual disability, and a 10 year old girl with the educational classification of multiple disabilities. There were three phases in this project. In phase 1, a preliminary observational study was conducted to identify the antecedent and consequent events that seemed to be affecting the occurrence of problem behavior during transitions from one activity/location to another. Next was Phase 2, in which a preference assessment was administered to help determine activities/edibles to be used as reinforcers for appropriate behavior during the study. Phase 3 applied an intervention that was determined based on the data from the observational study and the preference assessment. The intervention was designed to address the function of the problem behavior and thereby decrease it.

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