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Master of Science (MS)


Applied Sciences, Technology, and Education

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Ed Reeve


Ed Reeve


Gary Stewardson


Brian Warnick


Recently, the Utah State Office of Education (USOE) has accepted Basic Electronics, Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code 47.0105, as an elective to fill the required third science credit for secondary education (grades 10-12) students. The current Utah state core standards and objectives used for curriculum development in the Basic Electronics classes are now inadequate, as they are more than 15 years old, and designed specifically for students pursuing a technical career path. A formatting change to the document was implemented in 2008, but the standards and objectives were not changed.
Students are subsequently being taught the fundamentals of technology which were relevant nearly a generation ago. Much of that technology has since been replaced with greatly improved methods, equipment, and rapidly expanding applications (e.g., digital electronics). A new set of standards and objectives are needed which will be relevant and authentic to Basic Electronics as both an introductory electronics class, and a science elective.