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Master of Mathematics (MMath)


Mathematics and Statistics

Committee Chair(s)

Brynja Kohler


Brynja Kohler


Daniel C. Coster


James S. Cangelosi


Despite the significance and the emphasis placed on mathematics as a subject and field of study, achieving the right attitude to improve students‟ understanding and performance is still a challenge. Previous studies have shown that the problem cuts across nations around the world, both developing countries and developed alike. Teachers and educators of the subject have responsibilities to continuously develop innovative pedagogical approaches that will enhance students‟ interests and performance. Teaching approaches that emphasize real life applications of the subject have become imperative. It is believed that this will stimulate learners‟ interest in the subject as they will be able to connect theories with applications. In this study, a project-based learning approach developed for teaching in secondary schools is presented. The experimental approach will help students to formulate research questions, collect, record, analyze and interpret data. They will also be able to develop mathematical relationships and graphical representations for their data. An experimental unit has been designed to test this pedagogical approach.


This work made publicly available electronically on April 6, 2011.