Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



Committee Chair(s)

Charles Waugh


Benjamin Gunsberg


Christine Cooper-Rompato


This thesis consists of a critical introduction followed by a short story and reflection. The critical introduction introduces and analyzes second-person point of view. The first section establishes a working definition for second-person narrative and maps out its unique relationship between narrator, protagonist, and reader. The second section explores the way second-person point of view is taught. The third and last section of the critical introduction focuses on the effects second-person point of view has on fiction narratives.

The short fiction “Pregnancy and Other Dysfunctions” following the critical introduction demonstrates a narrative effectively using second-person point of view. It follows the experience of a disillusioned thirty-year-old woman in her attempt to control her situation and make herself a family. The second-person point of view illustrates how control is an illusion, and only once she loses control and gives up her expectations does she find happiness. Then I reflect on the successes and challenges of writing a story in the second-person point of view.