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Master of Education (MEd)


School of Teacher Education and Leadership

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Susan Turner


Susan Turner


Michael Freeman


Brian K. Warnick


This qualitative research reports on the experience of eight single person faculty seminary teachers as they participated in four collaborative structured discussions with a colleague, while using distance technology. The structure of each discussion consisted of discussion of a selected talk or article, the giving and receiving of feedback on a lesson plan, and the discussion of other ideas, concerns, problems, and questions. Data was also gathered in an exit interview. Constant-comparative analysis was used to discover patterns and themes from observations notes and the exit interview. There are several implications from the data. The reason articles were selected for discussion determines the results of the discussion. Teachers experience a deeper motivation to study their subject material, and greater enjoyment when they discuss their lessons. Teachers benefit from having a shared curriculum and a common language. The benefit teachers experienced from participating in professional discussions is greater than the time and effort it takes to prepare for them.

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