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Master of Science (MS)


Economics and Finance

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Aspen Gorry


Dwight Israelsen


Man-Keun Kim


So many of the world's most impoverished nations are found in warm climate regions that some economists have referred to "tropical" as synonymous with "underdeveloped". In this paper I study the difference in GDP per capita throughout the world based on latitude, and show that there is a significant, positive correlation between distance from the equator and GDP per capita. I find that consumption is different in wealthier countries and that these differences are correlated with latitude. I use these differences in consumption as a new approach to evaluating the problem of what causes temperate climate nations to be rich and warm climate nations to be poor. I hypothesize that cold weather creates demand for greater fuel consumption, better built homes, warmer clothing, and automobiles for transportation, and that production of these goods increases total output.

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Economics Commons