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Master of Arts (MA)



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Max F. Dalby


Max F. Dalby


The song cycle, Frauenliebe und-leben, by Robert Alexander Schumann was selected to be performed in recital and for purposes of this recital report.

Several objectives were to be accomplished in writing this paper. Among these was the intent to achieve a better understanding of the complete poetic and musical lyricism unique to Schumann's songs, particularly those composed in 1840, the period in which the Frauenliebe und-leben wee produced. In addition, an analysis of each of the eight songs in the cycle was undertaken to enable the performer and listener to have better technical understanding of the musical ideas invoked by Schumann and utilized in his songs. A cultural, political, and social overview of the Romantic Period of music during which this composer was working wee incorporated in this report. This portion was included with the purpose of adding understanding of existing attitudes and stylistic characteristics of this time in history.

The objectives generally discussed in the preceding paragraph involved research of an historical nature, supplemented by the individual dissection and analysis of each of the songs within the Frauenliebe und-leben song cycle.

The recital-report offered this student and performer of music a scholarly approach to musical research, allowing a broadening of personal growth and greater respect for the works of Robert Alexander Schumann.

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