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Master of Science (MS)


Management Information Systems

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William Woolf


William Woolf


One aim of education is to provide a curriculum that will give practical experience needed to fulfill the goals of the student . Nolan, Hayden, and Malsbary have stated this goal as follows: "The curriculum must be kept up-to-date in order to provide students with the best opportunity to develop those knowledges, skills, attitudes, and understandings needed to gain entrance into and succeed in the business world ."A program in the broad field of Vocational Education which is trying to meet the needs of the student is Distributive Education. The keynote in Distributive Education (D. E.) is expressed as, 'We train them now for a career, not just a one-subject class but a total curriculum tailored to the students future needs in a well-rounded career.' In order to provide youth with this career preparation, more than traditional classroom work must be provided. One way in which Distributive Education is providing its youth with a link to reality is the cooperative method. When participating in the cooperative method, the student gains competencies in his career goal by taking instruction, part in the classroom and psrt in the business community.

The success of cooperative distributive education can be directly attributed to the ability of the teacher-coordinator to plan and conduct a wide range of coordination activities associated with classroom activities. To assure the teacher-coordinator of success in planning and conducting a wide range of coordination activities in cooperative distributive education, state and national guidelines have been made available . These guidelines are functional, showing the teacher-coordinator how to carry out the many activities needed to complete the cooperative program. Among the activities identified as essential to the cooperative program, is that of selecting training stations and training sponsors of the program. The responsibility of the teacher-coordinator is to place the right distributive education student in the right distributive education job. The main concern of this investigation is to determine the extent that the distributive education teacher-coordinators of Utah are meeting the responsibilities of proper utilization of the business community.


Department name when degree awarded: Business Education