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Master of Arts (MA)



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Glen Fifield


Glen Fifield


From the beginning of the recital preparation , which began seriously about nine months prior to the performance, certain objectives were established. These objectives dealt with the areas of performance and composition. Concerning the performance, the objectives were to perform on the three "standard" symphonic trumpets -- the Bb , C, and D -- with competency and musicality; to play successfully varying styles from the periods which produced great trumpet literature -- the Baroque and Modern -- and to improve specific personal technique problems. Since composition is an integral part of the music process, it was hoped that an original composition would notably increase the understanding of how to write for brass and also impart a greater knowledge of the interpretive aspects of musical performance . Just as it is possible for one to appreciate or understand music more fully if he can perform well on an instrument because he knows more completely the performance aspect of the music process ; so also is it possible for one to more fully understand and appreciate music if he has composed because he knows more completely the creative aspect of the musical process .

The report will be divided into two major portions. The first division will deal with the part of the recital which relates directly to performance and will consider what procedures and methods were used to fulfill the performance objectives and how successful they were in attaining these objectives. In the second division , the original composition, Quartet for Brass Instruments, will be analyzed and related to the composition objectives.

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