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Master of Education (MEd)



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Max F. Dalby


Max F. Dalby


Two basic ideas underlie the purpose of this recital and report:

(1) There are certain fundamental techniques that a woodwind teacher must employ in his teaching methods. These techniques include: tone production, fingerlings, and articulation, which vary significantly with each of the woodwind instruments. There are many teachers in the field of music education who profess to be skilled on all woodwind instruments, when in fact, their knowledge is limited to one instrument only. With this limited knowledge they attempt to teach techniques and concepts that pertain to all woodwind instruments. Indeed, an educator may have or create many problems while trying to teach something he is not sure of.

(2) There is a need for music educators to maintain and develop their performance skills on all instruments in order to better understand instrumental performance, to understand and recognize problems that occur from the view of the performer, and to better understand the solutions to those problems.

These two ideas have been illustrated in the completion of this recital and report. The writer has shown his ability and skill on each of the woodwind instruments, as well as explained an understanding of the basic problems and teaching techniques to be used when dealing with woodwind instruments.

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