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Lloyd Bartholome


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Dr. Hedin


Career education is the goal of the seventies; the direction education will take, and the force that can give new meaning to all teaching techniques and classroom Instruction. More significantly, career education is the new power that can change for the good the lives of all students by assuring that every young person completing high school would be ready to either enter higher education or to secure useful and rewarding employment (17, p. 21). However, as emphasized by May, career education is on the launch pad and the count down has started, but the ultimate responsibility for getting career education off the ground lies with the classroom teacher (18, pp. 67-68).

Specifically focusing upon business teachers, Selland points out definite ways in which business teachers can provide leadership and initiative for the full implementation of career education. For instance, Selland suggests that business teachers could cooperate with and assist colleagues from kindergarten through adult classes by helping to identify career education resource materials; by acting as liaison personnel between the business community; by sending senior high school and other office students to visit with younger students; and by volunteering to give talks and demonstrate office skills (14, pp. 47-48).