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Edward Houghton


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The trend today is toward the individualized approaches in the teaching of typewriting and other business subjects, Susan Schrumpf notes that this concept is continuously gaining popularity because the spotlight is clearly on the student -- his abilities and limitations -- and how the business educator can best minister his needs. if individualized instruction is utilized properly, it is the best possible preparation.

Keeping in mind that the primary goal of society is that of assisting the individual to reach his highest potential, individualization of instruction is the answer to many problems for vocational educators. Howe states:

A democratic society needs individuals who are self-disciplined, self-responsible, and capable of making intelligent choices. The major reasons why such concentrated effort is being made to find ways and means to individualize instruction are that individualized instruction teaches critical thinking, teaches self-direction, nurtures creativity, and develops one's self-concept.

The business education experts are constantly introducing new approaches to individualized instruction in typewriting through business publications, workshops, and various other media; thus giving full support to its utilization in an effort to improve classroom learning situations. In view of these changing trends in education and in society, it is evident that secondary schools will be expected to utilize innovative practices in order to meet the needs of today's youth.