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Master of Science (MS)


Management Information Systems


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The objective of vocational education is to provide any student with the necessary skills and knowledge that utilize [sic] the full potential of the student's abilities and provides the employer with an employee who is immediately productive with a minimum of retraining

The Vocational Education Act of 1963 was written to provide high-quality vocational training to people of all ages. The aim was to further opportunities for gainful employment and to satisfy needs, interests, and abilities. Between fiscal years 1963 and 1973, $2.5 billion was invested. The Manpower Development and Training Act's (MDTA) purpose was to assist in the development of youth and adults in depressed inner city and rural areas.

In fiscal year 1976, approximately 500,000 students will receive occupational oriented education through vocational education monies under cooperative education, special needs, and work study. The amount expended will approximate $3,005,000,000.

Planning clerical programs requires a realistic account of future employment trends and manpower needs which must be related to curriculum developments. Employment in clerical jobs is expected to grow considerably faster than total employment, rising to 17.3 million in 1980. The courses offered to the trainees must be relevant to present demands. The follow-up placement study is used in conjunction with the investigation into different applications as well as the frequency and the use of clerical skills. The results should provide MDTA instructors information to plan their teaching materials and methods to meet the standards of the occupational field for which students are trained.


Department name when degree awarded: Business Education