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Master of Science (MS)


Management Information Systems

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H. Robert Stocker


H. Robert Stocker


Shorthand plays a very necessary part in preparing our office education students. There has been much discussion as to which type of writing system is more efficient. Some authorities in the field fee l that abbreviated longhand systems can be learned more easily than symbol systems.

According to Wagoner:

The usual advantages claimed for various abbreviated longhand systems are: the ease of converting from longhand to an abbreviated longhand system, a shorter learning period than a symbol system, and the ease of transcription. (1960, p. 21)

Since the Forkner system is based largely on what the learner already knows, the alphabet, it is felt that students will be able to develop a skill more readily than with a symbol system. The time necessary to learn the Forkner writing system is claimed to be much less than that of symbol systems (Forkner Publishing Corporation, Mimeographed).

If this is true, Forkner students should not hesitate entering the more advanced levels of shorthand available to them. Being able to compete with Gregg writers should not pose a threat to the Forkner writers.

Utah State University currently has a significantly smaller percentage of Forkner students who are enrolled in the intermediate and advanced levels of shorthand as compared to the Gregg students. There does not seem to be the initiative on the part of the Forkner students to continue with their skill building process. However, according to the Forkner Corporation, their system of writing shorthand simplifies many of the problems of remembering shorthand symbols. Students have progressed through this system with exceptional ease and without undue stress. The results of studies indicate that student's morale is much higher and there are fewer dropouts (Forkner Shorthand 4th Edition, Mimeographed).

This study will attempt to determine why students do or do not continue with the advanced levels of shorthand.


Department name when degree awarded: Business Education