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Management Information Systems

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Lloyd W. Bartholome


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According to Wanous, the number of students enrolled in shorthand has increased steadily since 1926. However, Wanous states that the number of students enrolling in third and fourth semesters of shorthand is considerably smaller than the number of students enrolled in the first-year shorthand courses.

Anderson's study in which the transcription of first-year shorthand students has been analyzed shows that students can learn shorthand outlines during- the first year of shorthand, However, there is not enough time to acquire adequate skill in the taking of dictation or transcribing dictation to enable the students to obtain a stenographic position. In general, at the end of the one year of shorthand, research shows that not more than 11 to 20 percent of the students can transcribe mail-able copy at 60 words per minute. Also from this research, Anderson indicates that students need to take more than one year of shorthand to obtain a stenographic position. Why then do some students not enroll in the second year of shorthand ?

Haggblade reports that most experienced shorthand teachers would have little difficulty compiling a list of factors they believe have an important influence upon the shorthand achievement and success of their students. "They might mention such possibilities as their own enthusiasm, the speed at which the students can take dictation, the time of the day the class meets, the type of shorthand system taught, ad infinitum. "

Rogers suggests that one reason for a high mortality rate of second-year shorthand students is that the students obtain a sense of failure during first-year shorthand. Some teachers use the rationale that, "Teachers should weed out the slower students who cannot keep up the pace. They will never be secretaries anyway."

The problem facing business educators and especially shorthand teachers is to determine by research the reasons that such a high percentage of first-year shorthand students do not choose to enroll in the second-year course, and to determine why some students do choose to enroll in the second-year course.


Department name when degree awarded: Business Education