Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

Committee Chair(s)

Minghui Jiang


Vladmir Kulyukin


Dean Mathias


Computer games have a diverse range of genres and implementations. Many of the most popular computer games consist of time-killing puzzles targeted at mobile devices. Each game has a well-dened challenge that a user must solve in order to progress.

The goal of this project is to investigate and implement a new obstacle for use in computer games, namely optical illusions. One illusion in particular, the Fraser spiral, was especially considered. Before this project, no other computer game integrating this optical illusion has been attempted.

Included in this report is an overview of the design, implementation and testing involved in creating this game. A gameplay method is introduced that effectively makes use of the Fraser spiral illusion. Tests were conducted in order to investigate the impact of the illusion on user performance. The results of these tests demonstrate the plausibility of using optical illusions to increase gameplay difficulty.