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Master of Science (MS)


Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences


The dairy and food industries have become highly technical and almost completely mechanized. They also ranked as one of the greatest industries in the country at the present time and represent an investment of many billions of dollars.

The rigid health department regulations, together with the special processes required, call for many types of specialized equipments and procedures. Most of the processes require heat, power, and refrigeration. More exact control of processes, as well as more efficient operation, have become increasingly important as these industries have matured and as competition has become keener. Material handling and automation are major developments in the modern milk or food processing plant.

The purpose of this handbook is to compile procedures, table, directives, recipes, and formulas to help and guide in the operation of the plant and manufacture of dairy products. The care, operation and maintenance of plant equipments, layout, management practices, and reference tables used in the plant are also provided.