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Colleen O'Neill


In 1971, Lehman L. Brightman, president of United Native Americans (UNA), visited Intermountain Indian School in Brigham City at the request of parents and students. After inspecting the school, he compiled a series of complaints and recommended the immediate closure of the school. His complaints included the use of Chlorpromazine (Thorazine) to treat drunkenness, the conditions of the food and dorms, and the lack of Indian control of the school. He supported filing a law suit against the school on behalf of the students. He recommended, “They must, at all cost be moved out of the heart of ‘Mormon country’ and be returned to the security of their own people. . . before it is too late.”1 Thirteen years later students were fighting to keep the school open. In 1984 students at Intermountain collected signatures to stop the school's closure, organized a student 24 mile run to the federal building in Ogden, Utah to deliver them, and prepared traditional dances to bring attention to their cause. Gail Nahwahquaw, student body president, delivered a passionate speech on why the school was vital for Indian students.

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