Date of Award


Degree Type

Creative Project

Degree Name

Master of Second Language Teaching (MSLT)


World Languages and Cultures

Committee Chair(s)

Joshua J. Thoms


Joshua J. Thoms


Karin deJonge-Kannan


Ekaterina Arshavskaya


This portfolio presents the collection of writings that reflect the author’s beliefs about effective foreign language instruction. Throughout much of the portfolio, focus is made on teaching communicatively, providing instruction on the target language culture, and enhancing students’ motivation to learn foreign languages. The first section of the portfolio is centered around the author’s teaching philosophy that was informed by her experience as a teacher of Russian as a foreign language, observations of other language instructors, and studies in the Master of Second Language Teaching (MSLT) program. The following section consists of the language, literacy, and culture papers in which the author elaborates on her views of effective foreign language teaching. The portfolio concludes with three annotated bibliographies that establish the links with the author’s teaching philosophy and demonstrate her professional growth throughout the program.