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Creative Project

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Master of Arts (MA)



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Benjamin Gunsberg


Benjamin Gunsberg


Jennifer Sinor


Brock Dethier


Writers trying to find an outlet for a painful event or problem may use poetry because it employs a “speaker,” or another voice with which to express deeper, often unexplainable feelings. This thesis project seeks to uncover different voices the poet uses to communicate opposing desires within herself, such as the desire to be obedient and a “good girl” juxtaposed with the desire to rebel and be independent. The speaker wrestles with six dialectic voices in this collection of poems, all of which compose a strange symphony of music which releases the speaker from any idea that she must have “one” voice—she can, and does, have many which coexist simultaneously. This discovery leads to a type of catharsis, not necessarily from societal norms dictating sameness, but from the idea that having multiple “personalities” or voices is undesirable. The poet experiments with humor and melancholy, tragedy and exuberance in order to avoid poetical stereotypes—that is, that all poetry must be “sad” or depressing. She of course acknowledges that sadness does exist, but not without its foil—joy—and so, her form and content weld together again, creating a dialectical tone.

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